Behind the Scenes in the YWCA

Working behind the scenes at the YWCA has shown me that you do not always have to be in the spotlight to make a significant difference. A few weeks ago the YWCA received a generous donation. There were carloads, and even a busload, of items for the Baby Basics Closet. The Baby Basics Closet is a place social workers or parents can go with an approved voucher from services that help those in need, such as West End Ministries, to purchase necessities for the child. The past few weeks everyone has been working diligently to get all of the clothes sorted as well as the toys. It may not seem like much to just hang clothes, or fold them, or even take off the tags from the previous store owners. However, it does make a significant difference because it allows others to focus on their current projects that will make a bigger impact on those the YWCA serves.

Though there are a handful of women who run the YWCA, they are not always able to put their work responsibilities aside to take on the work of everything else that a volunteer can do. I am always glad to know that, as a Bonner Leader, I am able to take a weight off of their shoulders by completing simple tasks.

Through my service at the YWCA, I have learned that it is the small and simple things that truly count.  Serving others has always been a passion of mine, and being able to witness how accomplishing small, short-term goals are tremendously helpful to those who already have a full plate is incredible. From my experience as a full-time student at High Point University, I know how delegating work to others helps a lot when times are stressful. I am glad I am able to take charge of something that will help everyone in the end. I am blessed to have such a wonderful opportunity to help the High Point community. I cannot wait to continue serving at the YWCA throughout the rest of my undergraduate years.


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