New Beginnings, Same Passions

Becoming a Bonner Leader is one of the greatest things that has happened to me. I have always been eager to help others, and through the Bonner Leader Program I can do just that. I decided to continue participating in the Bonner Program because it has expanded my horizons in regard to service and how we can help our local communities. This program has helped me develop and refine my leadership skills that I apply to my daily tasks. Not only that, but I just love completing service for others. I love knowing that people in the High Point community will benefit from the work that we all put in as a Bonner family. We have accomplished great things, and we are only getting started.

This academic year is going to be amazing in regard to being a Bonner Leader. My site is at the YWCA in the Women’s Resource Center and we are brainstorming new projects that will benefit the members. I have so many great ideas that I think will help women and youth in this community. My goal this year is to help set up at least one new program during this awesome transition in the YWCA. The lovely ladies at the YWCA received donations and grants to reconstruct the facility to better serve the community, and we are also looking into improving, changing, and adding new programs. I cannot wait to see the results in the future!

I am also grateful to be a Bonner because I have formed great friendships with the other Bonners and with the people I work with at the YWCA. It is great knowing we all have the same passion to do great things; also, it amazes me how much we can get done through our passions for helping others. I cannot wait to see everything that we will accomplish this year.

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