Food Alliance Reflection

“Dr. Qubein talks about planting seeds of greatness in our hearts, souls and minds.

Matt Thiel, chairman of the Greater High Point Food Alliance, echoed not only planting seeds to grow and flourish ourselves but also taking care of the seeds of others to enable them to grow as well.

Think of someone from your community partner site or someone you’ve met in your role as a Bonner. Who has invested in enriching your seed? Whose seed have you played a role in to grow?”


I have met a number of people who have influenced my life greatly during my time as a Bonner Leader. Two people who have continued to water my seed of service and civic engagement are Shannon Barr and Dr. Jenn Brandt. They have taken a lot of time out of their schedule to meet with me and help me find great opportunities that range from connecting me with someone they know, to helping me plan large events.

Being a mentor is incredibly important not only for them, but for the mentee. As their mentee, I have been able to sharpen and refine my skills. I have gained more confidence in myself as an individual. Shannon and Jenn have taught me to take pride in my accomplishments and to not downplay my achievements, but they have also taught me to stay humble and help others. They may have not vocalized it, but through their actions they have taught me how to be a better leader

As a leader, I am still growing. I am currently in the works of planning a few events on and off campus. Through the help of Shannon and Jenn I am able to get different perspectives and ideas into the mix that will make these events amazing. Moreover, as a leader, I have been able to give back and help those next in line. A great example is helping future HPU students navigate campus, and give them advice about the pre-medicine world. I hope to help them thrive as students at HPU and in the city, and become the best version of themselves that they can be. I am also helping any other pre-health student find great opportunities through HOSA, and I honestly feel great that I can help someone become a better student, and person.

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