Forsyth Animal Shelter Rabies Clinic

Today, October 22nd, I volunteered at the Forsyth Animal Shelter Rabies Clinic. My task was relatively easy. I helped fill out Rabies Certificates and instruct people where to take their furry family member for their vaccinations. However, I realized today that I was doing much more than just writing and giving instructions–I was getting to know the people we were serving and they gave me their trust. I know how silly that sounds, but by being personable and getting to know them, even through small talk about the weather, they were opening up to me about the smallest details of their lives. One couple sat there and talked to me about the animals they have rescued in the past and how they feel that it was their purpose on this Earth. They always made sure the animals found good homes and they made sure the animals were and will be well taken care of. Another couple were shivering and they gave me their hands to feel to show me just how cold they were. I don’t know about you, but if I didn’t get a good vibe from someone, then I wouldn’t even think about letting them touch my hands. It was kind of comforting to know that complete strangers could read my body language and automatically knew I was trustworthy and cared about them and their pet(s).

So, I was able to sit down and reflect on the service I completed today. I know that my task was simple, but I was able to help hundreds of families get the proper care for their pet(s) and made some new friends along the way. And to me, connecting to the people I serve or who serve along with me is one of the most rewarding and best feelings ever.

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