Leadership: My Definition & My Inspirations

“Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” –Tom Peters

Often, people look at leaders as people who guide a group of followers to the desired destination. While this is true, that is only one form of leadership. The type of leadership I aspire to is creating more leaders who may even surpass me. That is what leadership is all about–getting to one level, turning around, and helping other people get to your level and beyond. There are a number of people who have shaped my ideas of leadership, but the one that currently stands out the most is Dr. Jenn Brandt. I have written about her in the past, I know, but that is just how much she has impacted my life. Dr. Brandt is involved in numerous organizations that fight for equal rights for all. She has made her way to the top of the ladder, and she is now helping her students, including myself, become better leaders in our communities. She is the embodiment of what I believe good leadership is and I am so honored to have her as one of my mentors at High Point University. Moreover, as a Bonner Leader, I have been able to practice this leadership style. I have made my way up a few ladders, and in the process of reaching a new level, I have turned around to help others climb those same ladders. I try my best to create more leaders that could very well do amazing things that I can’t even imagine. It makes me happy to know that paying it forward on a new level via leadership is incredibly exciting and I cannot wait to see how this cascade of leadership can and will shape the future.

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