Civic Commitment

         I am committed to doing service in the community, whether it is High Point, Taos (my hometown), or anywhere else in the world. Through service I am able to make positive impacts on those within the community. These impacts are important because they allow change to occur, and through change, no matter how small or how slow, leads to progress. To me, progress is everything because that means I am doing something right and many people will benefit from it.

         There are a number of causes that I am passionate about. The first two are education and equal opportunities; they tend to go hand in hand. A majority of youth attend public schools and sometimes they are not always the best institutions. However, that can change. If we are able to demonstrate why getting an education is important, then I believe that many students will begin to grab opportunities laid out before them and use them to grow as individuals. Another cause that I am passionate about is women’s rights. I believe that women can do anything they want to do, but sometimes the confidence gap and the glass ceiling hinders women’s progress in the work force and in school. I want to be able to help young girls learn how to love themselves. I know that through self-love girls will have higher confidence levels and it will help them become strong leaders as they grow older. Another cause that I care deeply about is mental illness. Abnormal psychology has always captured my interest. I have known people with mental conditions that hinder their quality of life, and I know that there is something that I can do to help them and others who suffer from these conditions.

         The last cause that I am particularly passionate about is education in regard to nutrition. I have observed the eating patterns of my family, friends, peers, and myself, and they are not typically the healthiest of choices. Personally, I know what is good for me and what will better fuel my body and nurture it, but I have also observed that many people do not know what foods they should be eating. A lot of people have this idea that only eating salads will help them maintain a healthy body weight, but in reality they need other food groups–even ones that contain “good” fats–but they don’t know that! I think that educating someone about nutrition is so important in order to live a happy and healthy life!

         These causes just so happen to connect with my professional goals and my coursework. As a pre-medicine psychology major I will be able to study and learn about abnormal psychology and research methods; I will also be able to learn even more about human anatomy and physiology. I plan on doing research and through this I hope to find something that will lead me to help those with hindering mental conditions, and to find ways to teach people helpful nutrition facts. I know it is a bit “crazy” but I have the determination to do so. Also, through the Bonner Program I know I will be able to start programs that will allow me to help students realize their potential and teach them and other community members about nutrition. I hope to encourage them to challenge themselves during school and get a higher education, and also want to encourage them to live healthier lifestyles. I believe everyone can achieve great things in their life, but sometimes we all just need a little push to get there, and we also need those tidbits of important information. 


***In general, I want to better the community and any way that I can, no matter where I go.***