General Education Courses:

  • ENG-1103: College Writing/Public Life
  • MTH-1410: Calculus I
  • SPN-1020: Spanish II
  • EXP-1101: President’s Seminar
  • FYS-1000: Speaking of Sex
  • HST-1201: American Expansions 1800-1918
  • PEC-1251: Hiking
  • PHL-2010: Bio-Medical Ethics
  • ART-2000: Art History Survey
  • SOA-1020: Intro to Cultural Anthropology

Pre-Medicine Track:

  • CHM-1010: General Chemistry I
  • CHM-1011: General Chemistry I Lab
  • CHM-1020: General Chemistry II
  • CHM-1021: General Chemistry II Lab
  • CHM-2510: Organic Chemistry I
  • CHM-2011: Organic Chemistry I Lab
  • CHM-2520: Organic Chemistry II
  • CHM-2021: Organic Chemistry II Lab
  • BCH-3220: Biochemistry I
  • BIO-1399: Biological Princ/Lit I
  • BIO-1399L: Biology Lab
  • BIO-2000: Evolutionary Biology
  • BIO-2000L: Evolutionary Biology Lab
  • BIO-2070: Human Anatomy
  • BIO-2071: Human Anatomy Lab
  • BCH-3220: Biochemistry I
  • PHY-1510: General Physics I
  • PHY-1511: General Physics I Lab
  • PHY-1520: General Physics II
  • PHY-1521: General Physics II Lab


  • PSY-2000: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY-2100: Statistics for Psychology
  • PSY-2250: Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY-2300: Lifespan Development
  • PSY-2400: Social Psychology
  • PSY-3100: Research Methods in Psychology
  • PSY-3310: Child Development
  • PSY-3610: Health Psychology
  • PSY-4100: Advanced Research Methods in Psychology
  • PSY-4110: Undergraduate Research
  • PSY-4210: Personality/Psychopathy

Minor||Women’s and Gender Studies:

  • WGS-1000: Intro to Women/Gender Studies
  • WGS-2220: Women’s Literature Tradition
  • WGS-3007: Women in the Bible
  • WGS-3374: (Global Studies) Global Media Representation of Women
  • WGS-4475: Culture of Fitness