Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

Professor: Dr. Chuck Smith

Completed: Fall 2016

Reflection: At first I asked myself why I had to take this course for my pre-med requirements, but over the course of the semester I began to realize why. I came to understand how important it is to learn about evolution and how medicine intertwines with this part of biology that seems to be overlooked by many health professionals. Also, as a future health professional ecology and everything in between is just as important as learning about the anatomy and physiology of a human. Health professionals should become activists when it comes to preserving our ecosystems because it will all affect the human population over time. Learning how humans interact with their environments is incredibly important also, because it may lead to a major finding in science.

I thank Dr. Chuck for being so enthusiastic and passionate about evolution and ecology. His passion for these topics have rubbed off on me and has shown me why this course is required for me to take. Not only that, but he has helped me learn how to read and analyze primary articles in the sciences. My class presentation is found at this link: Brood Parasitism Presentation