General Chemistry I

Dr. Brian Augustine

Fall 2014

Course Description:
Matter is examined by a study of the atom, compounds, chemical nomenclature, formulas, the periodic table, and chemical reactions. Other topics include the gas Laws, Lewis structures, and thermochemistry.
Corequisite: CHM 1011. (Chemistry Course Descriptions-HPU)

This class is special, not only as a core requirement for my pre-med track, but it has helped me develop as a person. We started off the year with Dr. Echols, and because of life’s unexpected moments, Dr. Augustine took over as our professor. I must admit that I was a bit childish about it, as in I complained about having to switch professors, thus, adjusting to the new teaching methods. But over time I realized that Dr. Augustine’s teaching methods have made me grow as a person. He assigns pre-lecture assignments so we have to teach ourselves the material before class. Then if we are still stuck on a concept, we will request to go over it in the lecture. It is helpful because it has helped me teach myself difficult material and understand the concepts. With this skill I know that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. And in medical school I will basically have to teach myself everything that I will need to know to become a neurologist.
So, I know that this is a great skill to have and it definitely makes me a more motivated individual. Also, this has taught me to be patient with myself when learning new topics that are challenging. It is important to be patient as a leader, especially when working with children. Thus, this course has really taught me more than just chemistry, it has shaped some of my leadership skills in ways that I never really thought possible.