General Chemistry II Laboratory

Dr. Chris Fowler

Spring 2015

Course Description:
This course consists of a series of laboratories which reinforce the concepts being studied in CHM-1020. In addition to learning problem solving and critical thinking skills, students will be introduced to laboratory safety and gain hands on experience using a variety of laboratory equipment and techniques. One credit, three hours. Co-requisite of the three credit CHM-1020. (Chemistry Course Descriptions-HPU)

Dr. Fowler has been an important factor in my personal growth. He is regarded as a “strict” lab professor, meaning that he does not allow late work or allow us to reset our labs if we make an error while typing in our data. He explained to us that he does this in order to prepare us for the real world. He wants us to make sure that we are aware of our work and make sure we double–and even triple–check our work in order to prevent mistakes from occurring. I understand that when we are out of college working, we won’t be able to approach our boss saying that I need to “restart” my job because I made an error. As a future doctor, mistakes can and will cost someone’s life. So this is an important thing to learn now during a lab rather than learning a arduous and rather messy situation in the future.

I have applied this to many of my classes and I am grateful that I am more aware of what I am doing with my work more than ever. It has significantly helped me and I cannot wait to see the end results over the course of my life.