College Writing and Public Life

Dr. Laura Linker

Fall 2014

Course Description: 
This course engages students in writing projects designed to strengthen their interpretive and analytical skills while empowering them to investigate and respond to issues confronting their various communities. Emphasis is placed on the social nature of writing, and students will practice a variety of invention, revision, and reflection techniques en route to final portfolios of their work. Students will develop efficient research strategies and learn to incorporate and converse with the ideas of others. The course also emphasizes technological literacy. (English Course Descriptions-HPU)

This course has been beneficial to me as an individual. This course was customized for the STEM 1 Learning Community. So, it focused a little bit more on the science and technology side of things. It was interesting how it functioned. We were given articles and stories to read for almost every class and we would have to write a blog entry on it. During these blog assignments, we were also assigned bigger projects that focus on research. It has been so helpful to me because as a pre-med: psychology student I am going to be doing a lot of research. So, being able to do research on psychology for my writing projects have been incredibly beneficial to me and I now know what I can do to speed up the process efficiently and proficiently. Through this course I have grown as a writer and a researcher, and for that I am grateful.