American Expansions 1800-1918

Dr. Paul Ringel

Fall 2015


This class has helped me become a better critical thinker, and it has revived my love for history. The way Dr. Ringel teaches the class is incredible. I actually enjoy having class discussion about the texts we read and I love how it all ties to the expansion of America. I never took interest in this particular part of American history, but I enjoy learning about expansions through case trials that have occurred throughout history.

Moreover, I can take the skills that I learned in this class and apply it to my life by analyzing a situation and use the facts to build my argument. It will definitely help me with case files that I will go through as a future medical student and doctor. Not only that, but being able to take efficient notes and translate the information into a concise and proficient essay is an incredible tool being that I will be doing research soon and will probably have to type a lot of reports. Thanks to Dr. Ringel, I feel as if I have the skills to continue to be successful!