General Physics I

Dr. Briana Fiser

Fall 2015

Course Description:
An introduction to mechanics, properties of matter, waves, sound, and thermodynamics. This course is intended for science majors who are not required to take calculus-based physics for their major. This course satisfies the Area II General Education elective in Natural Science. The lecture must be taken concurrently with the lab (PHY-1511). (Physics Course Descriptions-HPU)

Dr. Fiser’s class has definitely been an experience. I went into the class as a nervous wreck on the inside because physics has proven to be difficult for me to understand. However, Dr. Fiser teaches physics in a way that I actually understand the concepts and I have picked up the material faster than I originally thought I would. She makes physics fun to learn because she applies them to real world situations and walks us through the process step-by-step to solve the problems. I have been doing exceptionally well in her class and she has proven to me that anything is possible, you just have to find the best way to do it. For me that is working out problems step-by-step, and not giving up if the answer is initially wrong. Eventually, after thinking for a while and re-working a problem, you will get to the right answer, and it will be an amazing feeling.

This relates to my life in general. At times I get frustrated when something doesn’t turn out the way I wanted it to or the way I thought it would. I have to take a step back, re-think my process, and then proceed to rework whatever problem I am facing. It is a great way to build my critical thinking skills, and a great way to manage my stress and not let it get the best of me. This will help in the future for basically every aspect of my life. I cannot throw in the towel when something goes wrong, I have to keep trying until I succeed.