Lifespan Development

Dr. Kristin Li-Barber

Spring 2016

Course Description:
An integrative introduction into the theories, concepts and applied issues related to the study of the human lifespan. The course provides a balanced examination of the developmental processes that underlie child, adolescent and adult development. Special emphasis placed on an examination of how biological precursors, as well as social and cultural experiences can shape an individual’s development throughout the lifespan.
(Psychology Course Descriptions-HPU)

Continuing my education in psychology is incredibly important to me. Dr. Li-Barber has helped me solidify my love for the different stages of life and how we all evolve physically and psychologically as we age. I have learned a lot about these different stages in life and I am already applying this newfound knowledge into my everyday life. 

As an adolescent, I have thought about my future a lot, but not in the way I should have. I primarily focused on my desired career, and I have planned on how to get to where I want to be. What I have not thought about much was my future health. Taking Lifespan Development has helped me put my health into perspective. There is research that has been found that found that people in their middle-adulthood ages (40-65) are a lot happier when they are healthier. This seems obvious; however, these people could attribute their health to their healthy habits that started off as an adolescent. They typically worked out on a regular basis, and ate healthy foods; this is all preached to us, but not many people take this knowledge and turn it into action. Well, I have decided to take action and apply this knowledge in my own life. I have integrated a workout plan into my schedule and I am focusing on my health in a new way. My goal is now to focus on my health in a way that will benefit me as I age gracefully. I want to be able to have a happy middle age adulthood, and I want to be able to keep up with my busy life-style when I am older.