Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

Dr. Jenn Brandt

Spring 2016

Course Description:
This course serves as an introduction to the academic discipline of women’s and gender studies. Encouraging individuals to develop to their fullest potential, women’s studies uses feminist and interdisciplinary methods to teach, conduct research, and expand existing bodies of knowledge. Critical thinking, the production of theory, and the assumption of community and global responsibility are integral to these methods. In this class students will explore these ideas while becoming aware of the ways in which gender is a social construct that impacts the political, economic, and social realities of women and men’s lives. (WGS Course Descriptions-HPU)

Equality for all is near and dear to me, and it hits close to home since I am a female in a patriarchal society. Being in Jenn’s class has been incredibly eye-opening. I was aware of the common issues that women and other marginalized persons face everyday, but this class also brought light to other issues that I was completely unaware of. 

Jenn is an incredible professor that has taught me in a way that allows me to take action about issues that I am passionate about, such as childhood obesity and equal rights for all. She has been one of my biggest supporters in all that I do, as well. She wants to see her students go out in the world and make a difference; she does this by giving us the information we need and then encourages our ideas for action. Thanks to Jenn, I have become a better advocator for my passions! I could not thank her enough for her support, and for her passion to serve.

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