Job Experience & Internships


Technology and Media Chair- High Point, NC

  • January 2015-Current
    • Serve as a Student Point-of-Contact for the Program!
    • Meet periodically with members of the Office of Communication and Culture regarding Bonner Program progress and future initiatives, projects, and milestones
    • Keep abreast of new social media outlets and applications, and university PR & marketing initiatives
    • Reserve facilities and make necessary arrangements for BLP campus events
    • Create event advertisements for the SL/Bonner Facebook page, Campus Concierge Daily
    • Update, SGA weekly emails, and community events
    • Edit and maintain the Service Learning and Bonner Leader websites
    • Maintain awareness of and become efficient in new technology to be used by the program members

Resort Realty- Red River, NM

  • May 2015-August 2015
    • What I Did: I helped run the office. I answered phone calls, made reservations, helped with the paperwork, and escorted our guests to their vacation homes.
    • What I Gained: I was able to refine my social skills. I had to work with a lot of people day in and day out. It really helped me break out of my shell and I am now able to approach people with any questions or concerns. I am also better at communicating my thoughts with others.

Taos News-Taos, NM




Teacher, Smith Mountain Lake Good Neighbors (SMLGN)-Moneta, VA

  • May 2017-June 2017
    • What I Did: I worked with other interns and we created different lessons to teach the kids in our classrooms. Through science, writing, reading, and art, we created a summer’s worth of enrichment lessons that focused on diversity, healthy emotional coping and being accepting of people who are “different” than them.
    • What I gained: I learned how to be adaptable. There were times that I had to cover for other interns so I would have to teach for their class. Sometimes we would only have a morning to prepare for their class. There were other times that lessons that I planned were not appropriate for the age group, so I had to readjust it to a level the kids would understand and grasp. I also learned patience on a whole other level. Some kids were off of their medications for the summer so they could just be that–a kid. And sometimes it would lead to having to focus on that one child and their needs and allow another intern to help take over and teach the rest of the class.

Los Alamos National Labs- Los Alamos, NM

  • June 2014-August 2014
    • What I Did: I was a research assistant to Dr. J. Gao. I worked in the Bioscience Department and did research regarding cells and new technology that will allow us to study them more efficiently.
    • What I Gained: I was able to utilize my lab skills and nearly perfect them. Dr. Goa was a wonderful mentor and he taught me the procedures and precautions that labs follow. It was a great experience being able to work in a National lab and learn important protocols, how to read other scientist’s protocol’s to duplicate experiments, work with state-of-the-art technology such as microscopes, and learn how to culture cells and keep them healthy for research.