Short Term

What a Short Term Goal Means to Me

Short term goals are vital to accomplishing your long term goals. However, they are also goals that are technically separate from long term goals because they have their own “baby steps” that you need to take.Typically short term goals range from a few months to two years to accomplish, depending on the goal.

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  • Start a New Program at My Site
    • I want to be able to be innovative at the YWCA. I want to be able to see a problem, and find a solution so that clients at the YWCA can be served that much more.
  • Manage my Time Better
    • Being a full-time college student is hard, especially when you are trying to juggle extra-circulars and a work-study job. I want to be able to manage all of my time in an efficient way. I want to be able to succeed in all aspects of my life.
  • Earn Good Grades
    • Earning good grades in college can be tough, but I have the ambition to do so.
  • Get Healthy and Stay Healthy
    • Being healthy is important to me. I want to become a doctor so I will be advocating health for the rest of my life. I want to be a good example of being healthy. This includes eating healthy and working out.